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TM-3: Prophet-600 Keyboard Replacement Kit

TM-3: Prophet-600 Keyboard Replacement Kit

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The TM-3 kit replaces the old keybed in any Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 with a modern Fatar semi-weighted one. This is the same keyboard used in modern synths from DSI, Moog, Novation and many others. The TM-3 kit includes everything you need and requires no drilling or other destructive modification of the Prophet-600.

There's also an option to add a set of brand new aluminum knob caps for that exclusive Prophet-5/10 look. Special bundle offer price in combination with the keyboard kit.

NOTE: We always try to keep things "plug and play", BUT - there is a small chance that you need to solder in some extra resistors due to a design flaw in the Prophet-600. It's an easy job if you have basic soldering skills. See the Assembly instructions page for more info.

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