Customer Feedback

"Wow I'm so glad I got this! Maybe it's just psychological, but just tweaking the knobs it feels like a much more expensive synth. The upside is that I have been playing the synth much more often! Thanks for a good product!"
Joe C. - USA (TM-1)

"I'm sure that you are tired of hearing this, but it's SO wonderful to be actually playing a Pro One again (ie. not via a master keyboard). I've had my Pro-One since 1983, but gave up on the old keybed long ago. This upgrade takes me back years! Well done and congratulations on your legacy, Lars - these improved instruments will be around for decades!"
Marcello B. - UK (TM-2)

"Received the keyboard today and got it installed. It works brilliantly. Thank you so much!"
Matia S. - USA (TM-2)

"Many thanks - they look superb!"
Ben J. - UK (TM-1)

"The keyboard arrived well I have installed it and everything works perfect! Thanks a lot for helping me bring my Prophet-600 back to life!"
Roland G. - Austria (TM-3)

"Thanks for helping me take nearly 40 years of abuse off of my Prophet-5 rev 2!"
Mark N. - USA (TM-1)

"The caps have arrived and are fantastic!"
Adam B. - USA (TM-1)

"Just installed the keyboard upgrade :-) Feels good no longer having to adjust my playing to avoid double triggered notes while inputting steps into the sequencer :-)
What a great upgrade!!! Very pleased!!"
John H. - UK (TM-2)

"I just installed the new keyboard on my Pro One and it's FANTASTIC! Quality job you've done. Thank You."
Michael B. - USA (TM-2)

"My kit arrived and has been installed. I'm a synthesizer repair technician and will be recommending this upgrade to all of my Pro One customers. I have always hated the j-wire keys and now I never have to play on them again. Thanks!"
Tony M. - USA (TM-2)

"I just changed the keyboard everything works fine. I have been wishing so long for someone to do this you kind of made a dream come true - thanks!"
Janis G. - Germany (TM-3)

"It was a pleasure to upgrade the Pro-One with your kit. A highly professional product - well done. And after that: I've never played the Pro-One for so long - a completely new instrument."
Steffen K. - Germany (TM-2)

"Really appreciate it and hope others buy these from you as well. Makes the Pro-One look like it should have originally been shipped!"
Mark N. - USA (TM-2)

"Got my package today. I have to say this keyboard replacement is simply fantastic. It turned my defunct Pro-One into the synth it was always meant to be!"
Stephen K. - USA (TM-2)

"I've successfully assembled the Pro-One with your replacement kit. It looks awesome with its new keys and caps!"
Henrik J. - Denmark (TM-1 & TM-2)

"Blown away with how great the keyboard feels! So pleased! It's a completely different experience now - can't wait to get back home and play it some more! Thanks again for the wonderful upgrade! The caps are beautiful as well!"
James P. - USA (TM-1 & TM-2)

"Things work PERFECT now. All notes are tracked right and I did a check with percussive sounds / sounds with short decay. Finally there are no double triggered notes anymore like with the J-wire... That makes me very very happy! Thanks!!"
Luk V. - Belgium (TM-2)

"This is incredible and beyond inspiration. Thank you for everything sir this is perfect!"
Kyle G. - USA (TM-2)

"Looks awesome, cheers!"
Matthew T. - UK (TM-1)

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the TM-2 Kit. The kit was really easy to assemble and install the backing board holes machined perfectly! Thanks mate!"
Dan B. - USA (TM-2)

"Very satisfied with the quality of your work. The instructions were clear logical and helpful. Thanks to your Pro-One Keyboard Kit my Pro One is now technically in a better shape as when it left Sequential Circuits about 36 1/2 year ago."
Till K. - Germany (TM-2)

"Now that the keyboard is playable my newer analog synths have gone neglected. They may have more oscillators or patch opportunities but they just don't have the richness of sound!"
Richard W. - USA (TM-2)

"Fits perfectly plays beautifully... Thanks!"
Carlos M. - Spain (TM-2)

"Really nice caps. Perfect fitting."
Thomas R. - Germany (TM-1)

"Keybed replaced! It is perfect drop in it was! Thank you so much!"
Jean-François S. - Canada (TM-2)

"Installed it last night your instructions were perfect. I'm absolutely in love with this thing again. I now wish I had one of these keybeds in my Prophet 12! Thanks again this is awesome."
Brian A. - USA (TM-3)

"Got the keybed today and installed it successfully. It works wonders and my Pro-One is once again a joy to play... actually it is better than ever! Thanks a lot for making this product available."
Steen H. - Denmark (TM-2)