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Assembly Instructions


Socket check for TM-2 customers:

The keyboard connector in the Pro-One is a common point of failure. The original cable connector has very thin pins, and the cable could easily fall out as it was hanging upside down from the main circuit board.

Many Pro-One owners have replaced the socket for one of better quality with round milled pins/holes. That type works much better for the original thin connector pins. 

Pro-One Keyboard Connector - Original  Pro-One keyboard connector - replaced 

Our adapter cards use regular "pin headers" with square pins that fit really nicely into the "original" socket. No chance of it falling out!

If your Pro-One has the "Replaced" type socket, we instead put headers with matching round pins. We will ask before we ship which type you need! 

Note: Some have even gotten rid of the socket altogether and simply soldered the cable straight onto the PCB... In this case we will include a socket for free, but you need to solder it in yourself (with leaded solder).