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TM-2: Pro-One Keyboard Replacement Kit

TM-2: Pro-One Keyboard Replacement Kit

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Option: add new aluminum knob caps for that exclusive Prophet-5 look

The TM-2 kit replaces the old unreliable keybed in any Sequential Circuits Pro-One with a modern Fatar TP/9S semi-weighted one. This is the same keyboard used in many modern synths from DSI, Moog, Novation and many others. The TM-2 kit includes everything you need and requires no modification of the Pro-One.

The Pro-One is a great synth, but many users (myself included) are just fed up with the endless clackety-clack, dry bushings, dead or double-triggering keys and the work and costs this entails. Give yourself and your Pro-One the gift of smooth playability!

  • Compatible with any Pro-One: both earlier j-wire and later (serials above ca 8500) membrane models 
  • No modifications of the Pro-One needed
  • Sell your old keybed on ebay, or keep it to have the option to revert to original

There's also an option to add our set of brand new aluminum knob caps for that exclusive Prophet-5 look. Special bundle offer price in combination with the keyboard kit, choose in the Style dropdown above.

Also take a look at the Pro-One Black Screw Kit to complete the transformation.


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