Pro-One old vs new keyboard



One of my Pro-Ones has the saddest j-wire keyboard ever. Had to make a little video :)

The TM-2 keyboard replacement kit for the Sequential Circuits Pro-One makes all Pro-Ones and their owners happy :)

Arduino keyboard tester (with Easter egg!)



Before we ship our Pro-One keyboard replacement kits, we test them by playing each key. Until now we have been plugging them into an actual Pro-One, but I wanted to build a dedicated test device. Arduino to the rescue! A green LED lights up when all 37 keys have been played.


Don’t miss the awesome reset procedure at the end!

Fatar keyboard with Prophet-5



First test with connecting a modern Fatar keybed with a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, for a potential upcoming replacement kit.

I have designed a PCB but the tricky part is that the Fatar is 5 mm too wide. So to make it fit, the aluminium "wheel box" on the left needs to be re-manufactured. The cables for the wheels also go thru a small hole in this box so some soldering might be needed too. A complex project. But would be so nice!

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