TM-8: Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard Replacement Kit

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The Oberheim OB-8 initially used the same Pratt-Read J-wire keyboard as the OB-Xa, with the associated endless issues with oxidized J-wires causing double triggering and rubber bushings drying out. After a while Oberheim switched to a Matsushita keyboard that was also used in MemoryMoog, Prophet-600, Polysix and many others. It has a cheaper feel but was more reliable. No matter which model your OB-8 has, the keyboards are almost 40 years old now. 

After the success of the Pro-One and Prophet-600 kits we are happy to introduce the TM-8: Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard Replacement Kit! 

Installation takes about 5 minutes and requires no soldering or modification of the OB-8.

The kit includes a Fatar TP/9S semi-weighted synth action keyboard mounted on a black valchromat mounting plate, cabling + adapter card, and 5 M4 screws and hex key for assembly.