Assembly - TM-1 Knob caps


  • Pull off the knobs from your synth, and give them a good cleaning in water with a mild detergent. An old toothbrush is useful!
  • After cleaning, put the knobs on a towel on a table, and slam them against it to get the water out as much as possible. There is usually some rust in there already, no need to make it worse...
  • The Prophet-5/10 knobs don't have a painted indicator line under the knob cap like the Pro-One/P-600 knobs. Use some tape to indicate the line orientation before removing the cap.
  • Use a knife blade to pop/twist off the old P5/10 caps. Be careful not to cut into the plastic knob (or your fingers).
  • Use some regular "household" glue that works for plastic and metal. To be on the safe side, put a drop on there and make sure it doesn't melt the knob before continuing.
  • Put the new cap on - done!

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