Assembly - ProPSU Prophet-5 Power Supply Replacement Kit


  • The kit includes: 1 Toroid Transformer. 1 Power Supply PCB. Plastic bag with 1 M5x50 mm hex screw, 1 M5 locking nut, 1 M5 washer, 1 toroid mounting disc and 2 rubber pads. Plastic bag with 3 M3x12 screws, 3 M3 locking washers, 0.5g Thermal paste, 1 WAGO connector insertion tool.
  • Find a good space to work, with a table and nice lighting. 
  • This kit requires soldering, drilling and working with mains voltage (115/230V). If you're not comfortable with that, get a synth tech to perform the surgery!
  • Static electricity is bad for electronics so avoid (wall to wall) carpets and rubber shoes.
  • Take your time, work slowly. Pro tip: Read through these instructions once before even starting!

ProPSU Installation instructions (pdf) below:

Techsmechs Vintage Synth | Stockholm, Sweden